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United States
lol why are you visiting this loser?

Unless you know me personally, just call me kid.

I don't limit my drawing material or subject limit me. I draw and post whatever I feel like doing, whether it be dark and rather depressing, or dorky fanart.
I just do what I love.
When I realized that awhile ago it rather scared me. I became more aware of what I was doing and I wasn't completely happy with myself. I saw what I was focusing on, and it wasn't the important things that I truly care about.
I've been trying to stay away from shallower things and create things that are more thoughtful and meaningful. I don't wanna look back and see what I did as a waste of time and energy.

I post my art to share my joy of creativity. I don't mind you downloading my work for a personal wallpaper or something, but please, let me know. I'd appreciate it. Please do not use my art on social media (tumblr, instagram, facebook ect.) Don't sell my stuff either. I can do that myself
and lastly, don't take cred for work you know you didn't do. It's a theft and a lie. by taking credit for stolen art you murder the artists' reputation and respect. You murder your own self respect.


Life has gotten the best of me and people are demanding more of my time, and sadly it leaves little time for art. I didn't stop. I still doodle, but as far as cleaning things up and producing something I'm proud of digitally - it's just had to take the backseat.

Right now taking care of my family and friends and preparing myself for adulthood are main priorities right now.

Maybe I'll be back soon. I love sharing with the Skeleton Clique my work of my heros, my favorite boys inn the whole wide world.
I got to be 20 feet away from Tyler and Joshua on Tuesday, July 5th, while they sang "Addict with a Pen". 
During the end of their oldschool selftitled album melody they were wrapping up "march to the sea" and I yelled(screeched) in my ugly, dehydrated, sobbing voice, "ThAnK y0u tylerRrr".
I think He heard me.

Until next time my friends,
  • Listening to: fall out boy; G. I. N. S. F. S.
  • Watching: FACE OFF
  • Eating: probably salad
  • Drinking: i've become addicted to diet soda because caffiene
we are twenty|one|pilots - and so are you

I'm diggity dang proud of myself. the Korean writing on top says 'twenty one pilots' , the bottom piece says 'stay alive'.
I did this very special picture for a deardearDEAR friend of mine.

The 28th of march is her one year anniversary of when she nearly made the biggest mistake of her life by trying to take it.  This is why the 'Vessel' album will always hold a special place in my heart.
When she had texted me that the day before she tried to overdose, I was in alot of shock, and I did of thinking.
'Holding on to You' and 'The Run and Go' were the two songs I kept replaying over and over again,- 
that was the first time I cried listening to 'The run and go'.  I had wanted her listen to it for a long time because I knew she would like it.
But right then the words sank in to me and the words I heard were not Tyler's, but hers.

"... I -can't take them on my own. Oh,- I'm not the one you know. I have killed a man and all I know is I, am on the run and go.
Don't wanna call you in the nighttime, don't wanna give you all my pieces, don't wanna hand you all my troubles. I don't wanna give you all my demons. - You'll have to watch me struggle, from several rooms away.
But tonight - I need you to stay. "

This is not a fully finished piece because I want this to be gifted to my friend as exclusivley hers, and mine. and no one else's.
Fall Out Boy is her favorite band since 2009, this picture means so much to me and represents more than I care to take the time to write out and explain. Please be respectful that this is a very personal piece of art for me, for something to happen to this or for it to be defiled in any way would be heartbreaking. I'm sharing this to remind you that staying alive is WORTH it friend. You're worth it.

Stay alive for me, Emily.



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